Corporate Leadership Center Ltd. (CLCL)


The Corporate Leadership Center Ltd. (CLCL), incorporated in Mauritius, delivers Mauritius Qualification Authority (MQA) - approved training courses and related services, to public sector organisations and private sector companies in Mauritius.
CLCL also aspires to play a prominent role in the field of training in the Indian Ocean region and East Africa.

Leadership today really matters for solving your biggest challenges. Leadership development, when it’s done right, transforms individuals, teams, organizations, and society. Driven by decades of research and practical experience, our expertise drives measurable and enduring results. That’s why your partner in leadership development matters, too.


We STRIVE                         

CLCL strives to advance the knowledge and skills of an organisation’s human capital – employees, agents, front liners, supervisors, managers well as senior executives.

We OFFER                         

In line with our commitment to excellence, we offer training and consultancy in the fields of leadership, strategic management, sales, marketing, communication, finance, customer service, human resources, health & safety amongst others...with a view to help develop the skills of participants to enable them to tackle existing challenges and grow within their organisation.

We DELIVER                         

CLCL delivers results that matter: sustained impact for you, your team, your business, and the community in which you operate. Our ultimate goal is to harness the capability to develop leaders who deliver on strategic goals and empower people to meet commitments to our customers and our communities at large.